I am planning to write more of a running story but in the meantime, I thought I'd at least put some recent races and times out there for those that are curious.  There are some big gaps in my running that are mostly due to big life changes...namely my three kids!  I know a lot of women have no problem running throughout their entire pregnancies and for them, I say go for it!  My mom, however, ran throughout her third pregnancy (at the age of 38) and subsequently developed all kinds of knee problems.  Two years ago, when she was 66, she had a total knee replacement on her left knee and is planning one for her right knee later this year.  Whether or not it was due to running while pregnant will never be known but she was pretty convinced that was the culprit.  So I personally decided to stick to lots and lots (and LOTS) of walking on the treadmill.  It wasn't so bad, really, as it gave me a chance to just slow down and take it easy.

Whew.  That was my very long-winded way of explaining the spottiness of my races!  :)  

Anyway, here they are, or at least here are the ones I have recorded somewhere:

2014 - Boston 3:36:31
2013 - Newport (Oregon) 3:25:25 PR
2013 - Boston 3:30:30
2012 - Newport (Oregon) 3:37:16
2011 - Portland 3:41:34
2006 - NYC 3:40:23
2004 - Chicago 3:35:25
2001 - MCM 3:48:32
1996 - Portland ~4:30:00??

2017 - Holiday Half Marathon (Portland, OR) 1:38:57 PR
2016 - Holiday Half Marathon (Portland, OR) 1:40:39
2015 - Holiday Half Marathon (Portland, OR) 1:43:54
2014 - Holiday Half Marathon (Portland, OR) 1:51:44
2012 - Race for the Roses (Portland, OR) ~1:42:00
2011 - Pacific Crest (Sunriver, OR) 1:41:32
2009 - Sauvie Island 1:44:25
2009 - Pacific Crest 1:45:25
2007 - Pacific Crest 1:41:53
2007 - Sauvie Island 1:42:44
2003 - Hippie Chick (Portland, OR) 1:44:03
2003 - Race for the Roses 1:46:23

10 mile
2004 - Lacamas Lake (Camas, WA) 1:22:30

2014 - Shamrock Run (Portland, OR) 1:10:52
2013 - Shamrock Run (Portland, OR) 1:08:33 PR
2003 - Shamrock Run (Portland, OR) 1:17:22

2004 - Nike Run Hit Wonder (Portland, OR) 44:57 PR
2003 - Bridge to Bridge (Portland, OR) 48:56

2013 - Run Like A Mother (Portland, OR) 21:24

Wow.  As I write and look at these times as a whole, a couple things jump out at me.  One, I need to run some more shorter races!  And two, some of these PR's are really old and stale.  I am excited as I look at these and realize how much room there is for improvement!

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